For public auditors – tax consultants – finance experts – corporates – financial authorities – universities
Multiples overview
Multiples module Benefits
Determine multiples quickly and professionally
Multiples for all important parameters at a glance
Trailing and forwad looking multiples from the valuation date perspective
Details on analyst estimates such as number and spread
Time series with historical data
Use cases
For audit, tax and accounting.
Indicative business valuation
Multiple valuation
M&A transactions
Plausibility check according to IDW Standard 1
Indicative value
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Multiples features
Trailing multiples
Trailing multiples based on data from the latest available reported financial statements at the selected valuation date and market data valid at the valuation date.
Forward-looking multiples
Forward-looking multiples based on analyst consensus estimates.
Sales, EBITDA and EBIT multiples
Multipliers for various financial figures, each as trailing and forward-looking multiples.
Price-earnings ratio
The market price of the share in relation to earnings per share
Price-book ratio
The share price of a share in relation to the book value of the share
Time series overview
Development of multipliers is easy to understand by viewing them in time series.
Forecast quality to analysts estimates
Information on the number and spread of analyst estimates
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