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The beta factor module features

Business valuations according to IDW Standard 1 and KFS/BW 1
Valuation report according to IDW Standard 13
Valuation report according to IDW Standard 5
Indicative value
Purchase Price Allocation (PPA)
Squeeze-out valuations
Impairment tests IFRS / Local-GAAP
Income approach
Discounted Cash Flow approach

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The SmartZebra GmbH team consists of experts from the areas of finance, valuation and statistics, who contribute their specific know-how to develop an optimal product.


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Industry betas

Industry betas for 20 sectors and 129 sub-sectors

For 9 regions

Transparent presentation of sectors: number and names of companies

Customers trust in SmartZebra

“We have already used SmartZebra several times to determine beta factors. This allows us to work much more efficiently than before. We will be happy to use SmartZebra's tools in the future as well.”
Andrew Grums
Partner, auditor, tax advisor
“SmartZebra offers me all the parameters for my evaluations as an expert. It has extensive settings that are relevant to assessment technology. A particular highlight for me is determining the loan premium by sector.”
Stefan Euring
Managing Partner, CVA
“The selection of the peer group, which is usually very time-consuming, really works very quickly and reliably. The transfer to Excel is very user-friendly. I'm really excited about this tool.”
Robin Arp
Partner, auditor, tax advisor
“Thanks to our many years of experience in company valuation, we have already tested a number of tools. We consider SmartZebra to be the perfect solution, particularly for small and medium-sized consulting firms, to determine the capital market parameters necessary for every valuation. ”
Achim Dörner
Managing Partner, Auditor, Tax Advisor, CVA, CFE
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Our valuation experts

Peter Schmitz brings 20 years of experience in the areas of corporate finance and valuation, most recently as Head of Competence Center “Business Valuation” in the Group Management of Deutsche Bahn and partner of SMART GmbH auditing firm.

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Capital market data of the highest quality — up to date and in compliance with standards

Calculating beta factors for business valuation is particularly challenging, as the data must be accurate and comprehensible in order to avoid expensive mistakes. At SmartZebra, we understand the importance of accurate beta calculations, especially when it comes to future-oriented corporate values. That is why we offer a comprehensive database of over 27,000 companies from the world's major capital markets, including a search function that helps to identify suitable peer groups for difficult cases.

But what is the beta factor anyway and why is it so important? The beta factor of a stock describes the risk in relation to the risk of the entire stock market. The beta factor is determined by the regression of the return on stocks against the yield of a broad stock index. Companies with a beta factor of more than 1 have a higher risk than the market, while companies with a beta factor of less than 1 are considered to be more stable.

Our SmartZebra database offers a variety of industry betas for 20 sectors and 129 sub-sectors. We transparently display the number of companies in the sub-sectors and which companies they are. In combination with our company database and our intelligent search function, you can quickly find the right peer groups.

Whether you're an experienced business analyst or just need an overview, our database of high-quality capital market data will help you work more precisely and effectively. Try it out today!