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Cost of Capital overview
Cost of Capital benefits
Determine the cost of capital quickly and professionally
Updating the cost of capital with just one click
Flexible fine-tuning of all parameters
Visual representation makes interactions between parameters visible
Use cases
For audit, tax and accounting.
Business Valuations
Purchase Price Allocation
Squeeze-out valuations
Brand valuation
Impairment test
M&A transactions
The smartZebra database
Daily updates
AI based search
High transparency
Capital markets
Historic years
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Cost of Capital features
Features and settings in detail.
Beta factor
For the calculation, the median of the peer group's unlevered beta factor is used. Means and quantiles are also shown. The re-levering is based on the individual gearing of the valuation object.
Credit spread
Credit spreads can be calculated for terms of between 1 and 30 years for various ratings. Data is available on a sector-specific basis or as an average of all sectors.
Riskfree rate
Riskfree base rates for more than 50 countries. You can map the specifications of the IDW S1 and KFS/BW1 standards using the settings for term, riskfree base rate curve, rounding rule and growth rate for present value equivalent interest.
Equity risk premium
The equity risk premium can be set flexibly. This is an equity risk premium before personal taxes on the CAPM. For Germany, the IDW range of recommendation, the recommendation of the capital cost study by KPMG and data from Professor Aswath Damodaran are shown.
Country risk premium
The application of the country risk premium is optional. The data from Prof. Damodaran serve as a basis.
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